Emerging Adults

Posted by on Sep 1, 2010

Certain articles take on the status of cultural landmarks. Several years ago, an Atlantic Monthly cover article entitled, Dan Quayle was Right, achieved that ranking. People on both sides of the debate about the family pointed to that article for ammunition for or against various points.

Another article has just appeared which mayrise to an equal level. A recent New York Times Magazine article about 20-somethings should be read and discussed by thoughtful students and anyone (professors, campus ministers, counselors) who works with people in their twenties.

The article,


presents a compelling case that today’s 20-somethings are no longer adolescents but not yet adults. While it could be tempting to just chalk all this up to irresponsibility or the spoils of affluence, the phenomena deserves more serious consideration. If indeed people are taking longer to “launch,” what are the implications for the ways we might counsel them? Or, perhaps more crucially, how should they view themselves and their futures?

I don’t think this is some silly passing trend. Nor do I think it’s all bad or all good. Pointing people to the timeless truths of scripture, in ways that take seriously the current trends and times, is all part of living integrated, whole lives.

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