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Posted by on Dec 29, 2011

I’ll be presenting a number of seminars in the next few days about sharing the gospel. One seminar seeks insight about the question, “Are people really lost without Christ?” Another seminar tries to give an overview of the entire Bible’s missional message. I promised people I would post my suggestions for further study on these topics. I could have come up with a much longer list but I wanted to keep it manageable and current. So here’s what I came up with:

Resources to help with the question, “Are people really lost without Christ?”


Tim Keller’s The Reason for God (especially chapters 1, 5, and 14)

D.A. Carson’s The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God

 John Piper’s The Pleasures of God

Edward William Fudge and Robert A. Peterson’s Two Views of Hell – (see also Justin Taylor’s summation of Peterson’s argument at:

William Lane Craig’s Hard Questions, Real Answers

 Randy Newman’s Questioning Evangelism (especially chapter 4)


Kevin DeYoung’s review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. – “God Is Still Holy and What You Learned in Sunday School Is Still True: A Review of “Love Wins” – See:

Robertson McQuilken’s “Lost Apart from Christ”

Video and Audio:

Don Carson, “God Abounding in Love, Punishing the Guilty” at The 2011 Gospel Coalition National Conference –

see also his message about Melchizedek:

John Piper – search for several audio messages about hell at

Resources to help you see the whole message of the Bible

D. A. Carson’s For the Love of God (a daily devotional through the entire Bible which shows how the individual parts fit into the whole. You can also find a free online version of this book at The Gospel Coalition’s website, blogs/loveofgod/

Colin Smith’s Ten Keys for Unlocking Your Bible

 Vaughn Roberts’ The Big Picture

 Gene Edward Veith’s Why God Gave us a Book

 D. A. Carson’s The God Who is There

 Any of Walk Thru the Bible’s many resources (see – attend one of their seminars, subscribe to one of their magazines, etc.

Resources to help you grow in your heart for the entire world

Operation World – an invaluable resource that informs and helps you pray for every country of the world

David Platt’s Radical

John Piper’s Let the Nations Be Glad – Desiring God Ministries,, also has many good audio messages about world missions.

Taking “The Perspectives Course” (see See especially their Reader.

Elizabeth Elliot’s accounts of her and her husband Jim Elliott’s missions experiences in Ecuador (Shadow of the Almighty, Through the Gates of Splendor, The Savage My Kinsman).


  1. Brian Pinney
    December 30, 2011

    Thank you for your recommendations. Always helpful. If you are not familiar with BibleMesh — check it out. It is an excellent resource to help you see the whole mes­sage of the Bible.

  2. The Good Stuff (12-30-11) | Rural Theologian
    December 30, 2011

    […] Some Suggested Resources- Randy Newman gives some good resources on evangelism and topics related to it. […]


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