Morling-PanoramicLife is rich. Complex. Nuanced. A tapestry. A symphony. A bouquet. And isn’t that wonder-full! Through Connection Points, I explore the many intersections between life’s complexities and God’s fingerprints. I want to help people see the connections between God and all of life. I hope Christians will pursue connections with those around them, pointing them to the way God has woven together the world and called us to connect with Him. I want to help ordinary Christians do the extraordinary work of evangelism.

Much of the work of Connection Points flows through my writing – books, blogs, and articles. A great deal more occurs through my seminars, sermons, and workshops, especially through my affiliation with The C. S. Lewis Institute. I offer help for churches, organizations, and individuals through teaching venues as brief as individual meetings or one-time lessons (Sunday school classes, Bible studies, etc.) or as extensive as two-day, five-session conferences. In some cases, I have served churches over a long term as a kind of evangelism coach. I can tailor the approach to the needs of your group or church.

Our world is changing in polarizing and fragmenting ways. For both Christians and people of other faiths and belief systems, it feels chaotic and confusing. Connection Points seeks to find ways to help us all navigate through the changes by connecting to the Changeless One.

If I can serve you in the days ahead, I would consider it a great privilege. In the meantime, you might appreciate hearing a bit more about me and my journey to faith.

Read About My Journey with the Messiah

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  1. Lee Brown
    February 11, 2017

    We use Questioning Evangelism as part of our training for foreign mission trips. I am excited to find out about Connection Points and Corner Conversations. Thank you for your work in helping us share the Gospel.


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